Smarter SMSF combines specialisation, technology and process to deliver best practice amongst professionals enabling better retirement outcomes for your clients.

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Kylie Anderson

Kylie Anderson, RJS Accounting Services

“As a small firm it isn’t easy to keep up with the constant changes in the SMSF industry, so having access to specialised advice and documents when needed is paramount to continuing the high level of service we offer our clients. The response time to questions is incredible.  And the online access to templates to create compliance documentation for our clients with the ever-increasing need for minutes and documentation is invaluable to our firm.”
ati ardian

Ati Ardian, Crosscorp Business Advisors

“I Iove that we have a someone who knows what is going on with Super Legislations (especially with the webinar updates) and also the ability to tap into documents that are prepared by the lawyers to document all the SMSF documentation requirements. The Smarter SMSF pension documents, for example have additional features that can be created and adjusted because they link back to the trust deed. “

Glenn Delaney, Australian SMSF Solutions

 “My staff and business get great value from the ‘Create Pension and Compliance’ documents as well as our Create Legal’ membership to access high quality SMSF legal documents through a cost-effective solution. As well as being impressed with our ‘Learn and Support’ products for the in-depth training and knowledge we receive.”

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A flexible modular approach allows you to access SMSF training, SMSF support and SMSF documents as part of a monthly subscription or purchase pay-as-you-go (PAYG).  Built for small-to-mid-sized practices and integrated with BGL and Class, all designed to equip you to be at the top of your game, allowing you to focus on what you do best.