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SMSF DocumentPAYG $ (incl. GST)

Company Incorporation Standard

ASIC fee + $180

Company Incorporation Special Purpose

ASIC fee + $180

Change of Constitution -
- Standard to Special Purpose
- Special Purpose to Standard
- Variation to Special Purpose Constitution
- Variation to Standard Company Constitution


Company Constitution only


Discretionary (Family) Trust  


Fixed Unit Trust  


SMSF Establishment (incl. QROPS) / New SMSF


SMSF Trust Deed Upgrade (incl. QROPS)


SMSF Change of Trustee

SMSF Change of Name$330
Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA)$330
LRBA Loan Facility Agreement (Related Party)$330
LRBA Refinance$660
In-house Asset Loan Agreement $330
Deed of Debt Forgiveness (coming soon)$330

Binding Death Benefit Nomination DBN (lapsing & non-lapsing)


Non-binding DBN (Death Benefit Nomination)

Add BDBN as a Paramount Document$99
Fund Members Guardian$275

Market Linked Pension (MLP)


Pension Commencement -
- Account based pension
- Transition to Retirement Income stream
- Death Benefit Pension


Partial Commutation - Cash/In-specie


Lump sum - Cash/In-specie/Death Benefit


Rollback of Pension -
 - Account based pension
 - Transition to Retirement income stream


TRIS to Retirement Phase


Lost Pension Deed (Affirmation & Confirmation)

Convert TRIS to ABP2$132
Annual Pension Review (including above minimum pension amounts)$99
Add ABP as a Special Rule of the Fund$99
Minimum Pension Shortfall$99
Met condition of release$55
Add or remove a reversionary beneficiary$99
Audit confirmation of benefits paid$55
Payment of Reversionary Pension$99
Deemed Segregation Period (DSP) (coming soon)$99
Transfer Balance Cap - Full Commutation (per PCG 2017/5)$132
Transfer Balance Cap - Partial Commutation (per PCG 2017/5)$132

Investment Strategy

Change allocation of Investment Strategy$55

Contribution Reserving - Concessional Contributions


Contribution Reserving - Non-Concession Contributions

Downsizer Contributions (coming soon)$99

Member contributions - Cash


Member contributions - In-specie

Contribution splitting$55
Satisfy work test$55
Met Condition of Release$55
Notice to vary LRBA interest rate$55
Acquire an Asset Minute$55
Dispose of an Asset Minute$55
Certificate of Complying Status$55
Audit confirmation of employer contributions$55

Trustee consent - Director


Trustee consent - Individual

Winding up a SMSF Minutes$220
Creation of a Reserve (coming soon)$132
Allocation from a Reserve$132
Returning Non-Concessional Contributions (due to not meeting work test)$99