Smarter document solutions to help within your SMSF business


In today’s SMSF landscape, there’s an ever-increasing focus on the need for compliant SMSF documents. This requires knowledge, time and capacity to build and maintain these within your SMSF business. At Smarter SMSF we provide the most comprehensive range of SMSF specialist legal, pension and compliance documents available in the marketplace today.

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    It is our depth of SMSF knowledge and focus on SMSF documents only, that helps us to create specialist documents and solutions for practitioners. We create and own all of our document IP (including SMSF deed) – we don’t have any licence agreements, which gives you the confidence in utilising our documents without the risk of changes to suppliers.
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    Hosted on AWS servers in Sydney, our platform maintains a high standard of security, with multi-factor authentication (2FA), SSL certificates. We are subject to security assessments with key integration partners in accordance with the ATO’s DSP operational security framework.
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    Delivered instantly – Don’t waste time using your own templates, leverage technology that allows you to access your generated documents within minutes of them being submitted, saving you valuable time.


  • Company incorporations
  • SMSF establishment (incl. QROPS)
  • SMSF deed updates
  • Change of Trustees
  • Limited Resourse
  • Death Benefit Nominations


Our document solutions help you and your SMSF clients to stay compliant in an ever-changing legislative and regulatory environment, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We believe that smart people stick together with Hill Legal and our member community, we continue to create and evolve our SMSF specialist document suite.

It’s our relationship with our members and being nimble and adaptive to change, that sets us and the quality of our SMSF documents apart from other service providers in the industry today.


Smarter SMSF provides the ability to have a range of documents legally reviewed before client sign off.

The Smarter Legal Review (SLR) service is designed to help advisers risk mitigate legal issues that can arise with documents that are updated or created based upon an incomplete or defective trail of earlier created documents.

You can choose from two levels with the SLR service – scoped review or comprehensive review, giving you the piece of mind that the document created has had legal oversight.

The SLR service is provided by Smarter’s legal services provider, Hill Legal Lawyers, who provide specialist SMSF advice and who have contributed to the drafting and review of Smarter SMSF documents.


Save valuable time with our key integrations with SMSF software providers, BGL, Class, & Supermate.


  • GET data from your software to complete document orders, and
  • POST data and documents back into your software, including a one-click setup process for new SMSFs and company incorporations.
  • Our integrations with ASIC allows you to incorporate companies instantly, along with automatically applying for the fund’s ABN / TFN via the Australian Business Register (ABR).



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    Create a workflow from the range that streamlines the ordering process across multiple Smarter SMSF documents. Work through the steps within the DocFlow, with data seamlessly passing through each order form, saving significant time.

    Once a step is completed, access the document, complete the relevant actions (e.g. send to SMSF software) and move to next step in the workflow.


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    Track and manage the currency of your client’s SMSF deeds using the Smarter SMSF deed service.

    This centralised system allow you to upload the history of the fund’s deed and related documents, then can be activated for Smarter SMSF to automatically update the deed on an ongoing basis as important changes occur.


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    Allows you to import data as a CSV file to populate orders forms, saving you time when generating documents.

    This function allows you to create CSV import templates and provides you with the ability to prepared document orders in bulk, using details from your own database or SMSF software.


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    The orders console provides the Management team with the visibility and control over your SMSF document subscription.

    Access saved and completed orders across your team, with the ability to add or remove team members from the subscription at anytime.


Order documents via a subscriptions, or simply pay as you go.

  • Save money by choosing a subscription that suits the size of your business. Starting from 25 documents p.a., subscriptions are available as either a monthly or annual payment.
  • Whether you have a specific project to complete (e.g. deed upgrades), or you have an ongoing need for specialist SMSF documents, our subscription packages provide a significant discount to ordering documents on a PAYG basis.
  • A document subscription allows you to track the number of orders and can be upgraded at anytime to suit the needs of your business.
  • Our pay-as-you-go (PAYG) option allows you to order at any time from our growing list of SMSF documents.

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