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Create (SMSF Pension & Compliance) Documents

In-depth SMSF legal, pension and compliance documentation for accountants and financial planners.
From: $250.00 + GST / month with a 14-day free trial

Access the most in-depth range of SMSF pension and compliance documents, including use of software integrations with BGL & Class.

Future of smsf – report 2018

$299.00 + GST


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Future of SMSF survey. Your valuable time taken out of your busy schedules to complete the survey is truly appreciated. We would like to acknowledge the support of our key partners in the Future of SMSF survey, BGL Corporate Solutions, Act2 Solutions and CLASS. The goal of this report is to help professionals to better understand the SMSF sector and the future direction of SMSF business models.

Please note: If you are purchasing our Future of SMSF online course you will receive the final report for FREE.


Future of smsf 2018 – online course

$315.45 + GST

Taking key insights from the 2018 Future of SMSF report, we will be releasing an online course for practitioners to create a blueprint for a successful modern SMSF practice.The online course will be broken down into a series of modules, delving into elements that will drive successful SMSF practices. Using findings from the final report, we will help you to gain key insights into your service delivery, pricing model, impact of technology, how to leverage the utilisation of key partners and resources, along with understanding the different types of relationships held with your SMSF clients. Members will be able to register to access the online course at $199 (incl. GST), and non-members can purchase the course for $347 (incl. GST). Please note, when purchasing this online course, you will receive the Future of SMSF final report for FREE.


SMSF day 2018 – online course

$360.91 + GST

As we work through the first year of implementation with the new super measures, this online course not only explores key topics, but most importantly will show you how to effectively implement the various measures by providing interactive case studies and explain the documentation you need.



Enjoy the confidence that comes with great service and support – from SMSF knowhow to technical expertise.
From: $90.00 + GST / month

Priority access to Smarter SMSF’s knowledge team, available via our platform and on the phone to resolve any issue or answer any SMSF questions you may have.


Our learning package makes currency of knowledge an everyday experience.
From: $70.00 + GST / month

Industry-leading web-based live training to navigate the complexities of SMSF, including changing regulatory requirements.

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Smarter Unlicensed Accountants Bundle

$600.00 + GST / month

Be smarter than your average as an unlicensed accountant dealing with your SMSF clients

As a member, you are provided with online access to practical and compliant documentation for common conversations you have with your SMSF clients. All are best practice, current, and regularly updated. You can seamlessly generate these documents using our integrations with BGL and Class.

Our Smarter Unlicensed Accountants Bundle comprises of:

+ New SMSF
+ Company Incorporation (excl. ASIC fee)
+ DBN’s

+ Create (Comply)

Our Create (Comply) product provides a practical and compliant solution for unlicensed accountants to document and streamline many of the common conversations you have with your SMSF clients.

Built in conjunction with Licensing for Accountants and legal sign-off by Holley Nethercote Lawyers.

Up to 100 funds, then $7 per fund p/mth.