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smsf day 2018 – online course

$360.91 + GST

As we work through the first year of implementation with the new super measures, this online course not only explores key topics, but most importantly will show you how to effectively implement the various measures by providing interactive case studies and explain the documentation you need.



Enjoy the confidence that comes with great service and support – from SMSF knowhow to technical expertise.
From: $90.00 + GST / month

Enjoy the confidence that comes access to expert support from Smarter SMSF.

Leverage the expertise of our knowledge and software teams whenever you need them.  Too many accounting and finance practitioners in Australia don’t have reliable support to help them navigate the complexities of SMSFs. The Smarter SMSF support package gives you the ability to work through questions and technical issues whenever they arise so they can stay on track efficiently, no matter how frequently the industry changes.  You have access to 30 minutes of technical support with accumulates each month (6 hours annually).

To find our more about this package, you can download the ‘support’ flyer:

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Our learning package makes currency of knowledge an everyday experience.
From: $70.00 + GST / month

Make currency of knowledge an everyday experience as a member with access to regular webinar training, webinar recordings, checklists, podcasts and more..

Our web-based live training is popular because it enables members to access it whenever they like and as many times as they like. Fully mobile responsive, this cost effective solution works on any device so it is also available for practitioners on the go.

It accommodates people who want to watch it individually or collectively as part of team training events.  And because our learn package is available anytime, it is perfect for reviewing and refreshing knowledge.

To find our more about this package, you can download the ‘learn’ flyer:

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In-depth SMSF legal, pension and compliance documentation for accountants and financial planners.
From: $250.00 + GST / month with a 14-day free trial

Access the most in-depth range of SMSF pension and compliance documents, including use of software integrations with BGL & Class.

As a member, you are provided with online access to more than 50 specialised SMSF documents. All are best practice, current, and regularly updated. You can seamlessly generate these documents using our integrations with BGL’s Simple Fund 360, CAS360 and Class Super.

Our create package (pension & compliance) gives you the flexibility of accessing either the pension and compliance documents as a member for a single monthly payment, with the ability to purchase from our suite of SMSF legal documents as needed on a ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG) basis.

To find our more about this package, you can download the ‘create’ flyer:

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