Pension Commencement

Create documents to start a super income stream including Account Based Pension, Transition to Retirement Income Stream and Death Benefit Pension. Integrated with Simple Fund 360, Class and SuperMate – available to order as part of a subscription or sign up for free to order pay-as-you-go.

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Leverage our SMSF specialisation to build compliant pension documents

Built by SMSF specialists

Create your pension documents through an intuitive online form that will apply the current laws to generate Account Based Pension, TRIS or Death Benefit Pension documents. The most comprehensive pension documents available in the market today!

Connects to related pension docs

Using Smarter SMSF’s pension documents, linked to the fund’s trust deed, allows you to leverage a range of pension documents available online, via subscription or PAYG.

Links to the fund’s trust deed

The Smarter SMSF pension documents have been developed to link back to the fund’s trust deed, providing key strategic benefits with the current tax and super laws.

Save time with key integrations

Utilise the Smarter SMSF integration with Simple Fund 360 and Class and save time by pre-populating the order form to generate your pension documents.

What you can create

Benefits of creating pension documents from Smarter SMSF’s integrated document platform:

  • Available for you to prepare documentation to start an Account Based Pension (ABP), Transition to Retirement Income Stream (TRIS), Death Benefit Pension (DBP) or Temporary Incapacity Income Stream.
  • Start the pension an unknown balance at the commencement date (e.g. written request at 1 July), and then use the same saved order to finalise the commencement documentation once the account balance has been determined from the fund’s financial statements to 30 June.
  • Alternatively, start the pension with a known balance where the trustee is confirming a previous oral request of the member, ensuring that the pension document as not backdated.
  • Add an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) to sign on behalf of a pension member who may be incapacitated.
  • Complete an election that allows the member to choose how above minimum pension payments may be withdrawn during the income year.
  • Choose whether the income stream is to automatically revert to a tax dependant beneficiary (e.g. spouse) and to what extent (percentage (%), dollar amount ($) or to a member’s transfer balance cap).
  • Choose whether the pension has set aside assets to support the pension (segregated assets), or is supported by pooled assets (unsegregated).


Save time by connecting your SMSF software to create your pension documents


Here’s a list of common questions about the Smarter SMSF pension documents

Upon completion of your order, the pension commencement documents may generate (subject to chosen fields) any of the following documents:

  • Member request commencing income stream (known or unknown balance);
  • Trustee resolution commencing pension;
  • Trustee notification of pension commencing;
  • Above minimum pension election & trustee resolution; and
  • Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Yes, we ask this question within the form that will influence what pension documents will get created, including removing form the generated order a number of key features that are unique to the Smarter SMSF deed. You will need to reference the Rule within the current deed to include within the pension documents that allow for the income stream to be paid.

Yes, you can request from us to send a sample copy of the current pension documents available on the Smarter SMSF platform. Simply call us or complete the enquiry form to obtain a copy of the sample document.

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View some of our recent how-to videos and webinars on the Smarter SMSF pension documents, integrations and more.

Aaron's view on SMSF pensions

Hear what Aaron Dunn, CEO & CO-founder of Smarter SMSF has to say on the importance of preparing SMSF pension documents.

“Gone are the days where pensions are ‘set and forget’ – income streams come with a significant amount of planning each and every year, which requires pension documents that allow for not only the strategic opportunities that can be applied today, but also ensure that the documentation is robust enough if it was to be challenged in a court of law.  We have seen case law question whether a reversionary pension existed and just like with binding death benefit nominations, I suspect we will see more cases exist in the future challenging the validity of the various terms and conditions of a pension.  Therefore, it is critical that pensions are established following the governing rules of the fund, not simply relying on generic pension documents from your SMSF software.”

Aaron Dunn

CEO & Co-founder, Smarter SMSF

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