We are the only company with deep and far reaching knowledge of SMSF, with founders who are active SMSF specialist practitioners.

We know that the best ideas and outcomes come from being proactive, curious and collaborative. And as time is everything for accounting and financial planning professionals, staying current and having immediate access to compliant SMSF resources is the only way to implement best-practice outcomes for your clients.

That is why we developed our online platform of products: Learn, Create and Support. To work seamlessly with the cloud-based SMSF software you use.

Smarter SMSFs experience helps strengthen the industry. We do this by regularly presenting at industry events, and participating in government and regulator reviews to improve SMSF standards. This includes contributing to the Super System Review (the Cooper Review) and the ‘Reinventing the ATO’ program.

Our products are unparalleled with our SMSF knowledge and experience covering legal and accounting disciplines. Making us industry leaders, and first choice for all successful accounting and financial planning professionals.

Smarter SMSF is the first to know and always in the know. Nimble and responsive, we create and adapt our documents as industry changes occur so they are always accurate, and you stay up to speed for your clients.