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Save time and build best-practice SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents seamlessly using our two way integration with Class.

Combine Smarter SMSF’s documents to Class to streamline your SMSF administration, allowing you to deliver a truly automated and profitable solution for your business.

The two-way integration allows you to seamlessly create SMSF documents such as trust deed upgrades, pension commencements, commutations and many compliance documents using your Class data.

You also have the ability to create and update your Class information from various SMSF document orders, including the ability to setup a new SMSF within Class in just one-click.  To find out more, you can watch some of the videos below that demonstrate the features and benefits of the Class integration.

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Watch the webinar to discover the power of CLASS Super integration with Smarter SMSF

Recorded on 20 June 2023

A smarter way to generate SMSF documents using Class

The following videos demonstrate how easy it is to connect your Class software to enable you to create legal, pension and compliance documents for your SMSF clients.  However, it’s more than just populating forms to generate documents… see how a true two-way integration enables you to quickly and easily setup new SMSFs within Class and update fund, trustee and member information in the click of a button.


Setting up your connection with Class

We’ve built a really smart interface to enable you to connect with Class and stay connected so that you can generate the fund documents that you need. 

Watch the video to see how simple it is to setup the connection and where relevant your different brands.

Fund Establishment – One click setup in Class

Setting up a SMSF is much more than just utilising our best-of-breed SMSF trust deed.  Using the Class integration, in one-click you can have the new fund set up within your SMSF software to get the fund administration under way.  The fund details, trustee and member information will be automatically set up saving you a significant time. 

Leverage our ABN integration as well to apply for the fund’s TFN, ABN and to become a regulated fund.


Dealing with above minimum pension amounts

Our SMSF documents provide much more than the generic documents you can create from within Class.  Not only do the documents align to the fund’s trust deed, but also allow you to take advantage of the latest strategies available under the superannuation reforms.

In this video, Aaron Dunn explains how to utilise the Class integration to complete a fund’s annual pension review and how the structure above minimum pension payments as a result of the introduction of the transfer balance cap.

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