Our documents are created, owned and managed by our SMSF specialist team at Smarter SMSF

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Smarter SMSF is not a legal practice, but owners of the business and key partners are active legal practitioners providing SMSF services today. 

As SMSF specialists, Australian Legal Practitioners have created, and regularly review all of our SMSF legal documents.  Importantly, we own all of our document IP – we don’t have any licence agreements, which gives you the confidence in utilising our documents without the risk of changes to suppliers.

We also understand the ever-growing role that technology plays in firm’s today, which is why we integrate with all SMSF software platforms (BGL, Class & SuperMate) to seamlessly create and deliver these documents to you.  There is a smarter way… 


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Our document history

Smarter SMSF’s document history goes back to our co-founder and SMSF specialist lawyer, Ian Glenister (now retired).  In 2006, Ian drafted a new SMSF deed from scratch after the Coalition government announced the most significant reforms we have seen to our superannuation system (taking effect from 1 July 2007).

Since that time, we’ve seen ongoing change to the super laws and legal decisions that has resulted in the deed continuing to evolve, and importantly create a range of additional documents relevant for the SMSF sector.

In 2016, The SMSF Academy (now Smarter SMSF) made the decision to expand from its education focus and built a document platform that started with about 8 SMSF legal documents under license from Glenister & Co.  

As the Smarter SMSF business continued to grow, so did the document suite that became available – across the areas of legal, pensions and fund compliance.  Combining the specialist knowledge of both CEO, Aaron Dunn and Ian Glenister (and Chris Hill), the number of documents available on the platform now expands to 80+ SMSF specific documents (and continues to grow).

In 2021, a decision was made by Smarter SMSF to acquire the IP license of the legal suite of documents from Glenister & Co.  Whilst Ian Glenister continued in his role as Legal Officer, we have transitioned our legal support to Hill Legal, and now offer the Smarter Legal Review service.  

Importantly, we also leverage peer support through our members – SMSF specialists with critical skills to identify new documents, different combinations and areas within documents that we didn’t think to explore. It’s our relationship with our members, and being true to our values to adapt that sets us apart with the quality of our SMSF documents and service offering in the industry today.

Legal support

Chris Hill, Principal of Hill Legal, has played a key role in the continued development of the Smarter SMSF deed and various legal documents since the 2017 superannuation reform measures.

In situations where a certain document is not available, needs additional legal oversight or some other type of legal guidance, this work is assigned to Hill Legal to resolve with our members.  Examples of this may include Deed of Rectifications, SMSF Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Conditional Pensions and more.

Having the legal backing and support of a SMSF specialist legal firm through the Smarter Legal Review service, will help you to make smarter decisions with your SMSF clients.

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