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Online course 2019

This course has been awarded 5.5 CPD points with the SMSF Association and will count as 5.5 CPE hours with the major accounting bodies and for FASEA requirements.

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Smarter SMSF is the winner of the Training and Education provider of the year 2018 Victoria.

*Please note: Complimentary access to all LEARN members & SMSF day event attendees for online course.


SMSF day 2019 – online course

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SMSF Day online course

This course will help you to understand current technical and regulatory issues, along with providing interactive case studies designed to leverage opportunities within your business. *Please note: Complimentary access for all LEARN members & SMSF day event attendees.

This course has been awarded 5.5 CPD points with the SMSF Association and will count as 5.5 CPE hours with the major accounting bodies and for FASEA requirements.


Online course available 20 May 2019


Topics to be covered

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Introductory lesson to welcome you and explain the agenda and format of the online course.

Lesson 2 - The BIG issues and opportunities for 2019

What are the big-ticket items currently impacting the SMSF sector from a technical and regulatory perspective?

In this session, Aaron will be providing a legislative update across various issues impacting SMSFs including:

  • An update on legislation impacting SMSFs – what made it and what didn’t before an election is called;
  • Key budget announcements impacting SMSFs and superannuation more broadly;
  • Treasury updates to fix super reform amendments with Market Linked Pensions and Death Benefit Rollovers; and
  • Understanding key changes to contributions rules, including catch up concessional contributions and work test exemption contributions

Furthermore, this session will be key in terms of opportunities for your SMSF clients in the lead up to 30 June, including looking at contribution strategies, considerations with a member’s total super balance (TSB), actions for your LRBA clients, key pension considerations and much more.

2.3 – Treasury Updates:
2.3.1 – Market Linked Pension Commutations
2.3.2 – Death Benefit Rollovers
2.4 – SMSF Tax Planning:
2.4.1 – Capitalising on a more flexible contribution landscape
2.4.2 – Work Test Exempt (WTE) contributions
2.4.3 – Catch up unused concessional contributions
2.4.4 – Use of reserves for tax planning
2.4.5 – Meeting the safe harbour for related party LRBAs
2.4.6 – Pension obligations before year end
2.4.7 – Final thoughts


Lesson 3 - 12 months on… lessons and the new frontier for pensions

The requirements around pensions have changed substantially since the super reforms, having a profound impact not only on structuring and reporting, but also on the way in which tax exemption applies and can be optimised.

This jointly presented session will combine the actuarial skills of Act2 Solutions with the strategic thinking of Aaron to look at the impact of the changes regarding the payment of income streams from SMSFs, taking you from commencement, ongoing pension requirements and implications with the death of a member.

The session will also include a case study to help attendees further explore the implications and opportunities within this topic.

3.1 – Introduction
3.2 – Where are we today with income streams?
3.3 – Events-based reporting
3.4 – Eligibility to use the segregated method
3.5 – Deemed Segregation
3.6 – Calculating ECPI where there is Deemed Segregation
3.7 – Strategy to avoid Deemed Segregation
3.8 – Case study
3.9 – Case study answers


Lesson 4 - Getting your SMSF documents in order

There have been some significant lessons for practitioners over the past year that focus attention on the quality of the documentation you have in place to deal with changes within the fund, the payment of death benefits, pensions and more.

This session will explore the important ramifications from recent case law decisions, including Narumon’s case to help understand key lessons for today in dealing with documentation for your SMSF clients, including pensions, DBNs, changes within the structure of the fund and more.

Note: to be presented by Chris Hill, Hill Legal (MEL)

Case study


4.1 – Introduction
4.2 – The importance of SMSF documentation
4.3 – Case study
4.4 – Activity 1: SMSF document chain
4.5 – Activity 1: Answer considerations
4.6 – Activity 2: Operation of the super income stream
4.7 – Activity 2: Answer considerations
4.8 – Activity 3: Validity of existing death benefit nomination
4.9 – Activity 3: Answer considerations


Lesson 5 - Wrap-up of SMSF day course

Final steps for completion.

Please note, lessons and delivery are still to be confirmed and subject to change with regard to online course.


“Hard to improve on this, great format and relevant subject matter. Always love attending training from Smarter SMSF!”
Charmaine Parer, BDS Huon
“Great technical training session and some of the best SMSF training in the past 18 months I have attended. So glad I made it to Sydney.”
Rita Zappulla, SMSF Strategic Advisors
“I really enjoyed the day, as I got a lot of value out of it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your future events.”
Jennifer Lowe, Total Tax & Accounting Solutions
“Aaron always does a superb job. Last session was terrific, unexpected and highly valuable.”
Dale Abbott, McWhirter & Leong Pty Ltd

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