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As time is everything for accounting and financial planning professionals, staying current and having immediate access to compliant SMSF resources is the only way to implement best-practice outcomes for your clients.

That is why we developed our online platform of products: Learn, Create and Support. To work seamlessly with the cloud-based SMSF software you use.


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About Smarter smsf

Smarter SMSF evolved from The SMSF Academy, founded in 2010 by accountant, Aaron Dunn and lawyer, Ian Glenister – both accredited SMSF specialists. Our focus was always simple. To bridge the gap in training, education and tools so you can grow your business through self-managed super funds.

The SMSF Academy, provided thousands of practitioners with hands on skills and information they needed to incorporate best-practice into their SMSF business.

Our emphasis hasn’t changed over the years. We are still committed to helping professionals understand SMSF and stay ahead of the curve in a highly dynamic field.

We recognised that our clients required an equivalent amount of flexibility from our services. This is why we became Smarter SMSF – to offer an even greater level of industry education, training and specialist tools to our members.

Learn (Training and development)

  • Comprehensive, in-depth online learning resources.
  • Specialist knowledge to ensure that you are enabling better retirement outcomes for your clients.
  • Industry-leading web-based live training to navigate the complexities of SMSF, including changing regulatory requirements.
  • Access to the most current, in-depth information via face-to-face events and webinars.
  • All training is accredited for professional development obligations via the SMSF Association, FPA Australia and the major accounting bodies.
  • Highly recommended for Financial Planners and Accountants.

Create (Pension, Compliance and Legal Documents)

  • Create – offers a full range of SMSF pension and compliance documentation.
  • Create (Legal) – offers the most in-depth range of SMSF legal documentation.
  • Fully integrated with cloud-based SMSF software via the Smarter SMSF online platform.
  • Specialised documents we provide: Fund establishment, Trust deed upgrades, Death benefit nominations, LRBA’s, Pension commencement, Lump sums, Investment strategies, etc.
  • Our platform is fully integrated with BGL’s Simple Fund 360, CAS360 and Class Super.
  • Highly recommended for Accountants.

Support (on all SMSF technical issues)

  • Expert support on everything to do with SMSF.
  • Priority access to Smarter SMSF’s knowledge team, available via our platform and on the phone to resolve any issue or answer any SMSF questions you may have.
  • Our team of software experts is also available to ensure Smarter SMSF products deliver a consistent and seamless experience every time (this general support is available with every one of our products).
  • Highly recommended for Financial Planners and Accountants.

Integration Class

Save time and build best-practice SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents seamlessly using our two way integration with Class.

Integration BGL

Save time and build best-practice SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents seamlessly using our two way integration with BGL’s Simple Fund 360 & CAS 360.

Hear from those who made the smart move

Ati Ardian, Crosscorp Business Advisors

I Iove the super legislation training and webinars. And the documents that have additional features that can be created and adjusted as they link back to the trust deed.

Glenn Delaney, Australian SMSF Solutions

My staff and business get great value from our membership to access high quality training through a cost-effective solution.

Daniel Uden, Bush & Campbell

I appreciate the in-depth, patient and relevant discussions this session facilitated. I’ll be back for more!