The smartest PRODUCTS

All our products are available in a flexible modular format so you can mix and match the education, training, tools and documents you need to stay at the top of your game.

As practitioners ourselves, we know that the capacity to customise cost and time-effectively is everything. We know where pressure points can occur and understand these points can vary greatly between practices.

That is why we developed our online platform to work seamlessly with the cloud-based SMSF software you are using. We are focused on giving you the skills and information in the simplest way possible, so you can scale according to your needs, and provide better retirement outcomes for your clients.

  • Create your SMSF documents a smarter way.
  • Access the most in-depth SMSF legal, pension and compliance documentation available.
  • Designed for the accounting and financial planning industry.
  • All are best practice, current and regularly updated.
  • Seamless integrations with Simple Fund 360, CAS360 and Class Super.

  • Comprehensive, in-depth online learning resources.
  • Specialist knowledge to ensure that you are enabling better retirement outcomes for your clients.
  • Industry-leading web-based live training to navigate the complexities of SMSF, including changing regulatory requirements.
  • Access to the most current, in-depth information via face-to-face events and webinars.
  • All training is accredited for professional development obligations via the SMSF Association, FPA Australia and the major accounting bodies.
  • Highly recommended for Financial Planners and Accountants.
  • 70.00 Per Month + GST
  • 700.00 Annual + GST

  • Create – offers a full range of SMSF pension and compliance documentation.
  • Create (Legal) – offers the most in-depth range of SMSF legal documentation.
  • Fully integrated with cloud-based SMSF software via the Smarter SMSF online platform.
  • Specialised documents we provide: Fund establishment, Trust deed upgrades, Death benefit nominations, LRBA’s, Pension commencement, Lump sums, Investment strategies, etc.
  • Our platform is fully integrated with BGL’s Simple Fund 360, CAS360 and Class Super.
  • Highly recommended for Accountants.
  • 900.00 Per Month + GST (Create Legal)
  • 250.00 Per Month + GST (Create)
  • 2,500.00 Annual + GST (Create)

  • Expert support on everything to do with SMSF.
  • Priority access to Smarter SMSF’s knowledge team, available via our platform and on the phone to resolve any issue or answer any SMSF questions you may have.
  • Our team of software experts is also available to ensure Smarter SMSF products deliver a consistent and seamless experience every time (this general support is available with every one of our products).
  • Highly recommended for Financial Planners and Accountants.
  • 90.00 Per Month + GST
  • 900.00 Annual + GST


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