Super Reforms – Updates to Pension PDS

A range of additional legislative amendments as part of the introduction of the new superannuation measures from 1 July 2017 has meant that we have recently made updates to the pension commencement documentation and in particular, the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) that accompanies these documents within our Campus platform. PDS for Pension Commencement The updated PDS…

5 key SMSF documents to help with the super reforms

Watch the webinar presented by Aaron where he showcased current member, Collins House and how they used 5 key SMSF documents to help them work through the super reforms for their SMSF clients. Starting the journey lost and unaware of the impact of the measures, over the past 12 month or more, the business has focused on the implementation of key systems and processes to give it the confidence to navigate through the reforms and continue to grow their SMSF business from strength to strength.