SMSF Day 2022 Online Course

After the success of our smarter smsf technical training days around Australia, these sessions are now available as an online course.

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It has been fantastic to get back on the road, delivering a hugely successful national roadshow of SMSF training days around Australia to over 170 attendees. To those that attended, a big thank-you for being a part of these highly engaging events. Following on from this success, we have now decided to provide this content online for those that were unable to attend for various reasons. The course is available to purchase now and accessible online from Monday, 22 August.


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Register for the SMSF Day 2022 online course, which provides you with 8+ accredited CPD hours, a high quality agenda of SMSF technical content – all delivered in a practical way (incl. case study) to help apply directly with your SMSF clients.

Course Outline

The SMSF day agenda provides you as a student attending online with high quality technical content that is presented in a practical context, giving you real life solutions to bring back into your business.

TOPIC: Latest intel on SMSFs

The first module will take an in-depth look at the latest technical, policy and regulatory issues impacting the SMSF sector.  This session will explore (but not be limited to):

  • Reviewing Government policy for matters impacting SMSFs post-election.
  • Exploring the current state of play with the non-arm’s length expenditure (NALE) requirements from 1 July 2022.
  • Understanding the latest requirements with the Government’s approach to the technology neutrality laws, including electronic execution, and dealing with record keeping requirements under the SIS laws.
  • Explore the changing requirements for companies under the director ID laws and how they impact SMSFs.
  • The impact of the ECPI red tape measure changes in the context of completing the 2021-22 financial statements and SMSF Annual Return.
  • Update on the latest ATO regulatory matters, including proposed amendments to TBAR requirements for SMSFs, SuperStream requirements, recent guidance on members who receive benefits in breach of legislative requirements and more.
  • Recent case law, including the High Court decision in Hill v Zuda and its impact of SMSF death benefit nominations.

Duration: 90 mins


From 1 July 2022, there are a number key changes to the superannuation laws that open up significant contribution opportunities for your SMSF clients.  In this session we explore (but not limited to):

  • Impact on the removal of the work test for voluntary contributions, including how the timing of contributions applies in the lead up to age 75 for bring-forward rule purposes.
  • What is expected where a member intends on claiming a tax deduction for super contributions under the revised super and income tax laws.
  • How strategies expand for downsizer contributions with the reduction of the qualifying age to 60 years and over.  We will also explore how this strategy can interact with other contribution strategies to maximise contribution opportunities into super.
  • The interactions of contributions and pensions working in tandem.
  • Consideration of TRIS strategies to expand contribution opportunities, including through the use of unused catch up concessional contributions.

As part of the CPD assessment for this module, attendees will work through a case study to identify opportunities to apply back in practice with your SMSF clients.

Duration: 90 mins


The topic of SMSF investment strategies has become a significant focus of the regulator to ensure that trustees appropriately formulate, manage and regularly review their fund’s investment strategy.

What does it all mean, and what role can you play in helping trustees to meet the compliance requirements of their SMSF investment strategies?  It’s no longer a case of ‘tick & flick’ and ‘set and forget’ – the goal posts have moved…

In this session, we explore a number of areas including (but not limited to):

  • How you must demonstrate each of the requirements of an SMSF investment strategy (as outlined within SISR 4.09).
  • Understanding the ATO’s published guidance on investment strategies and its impact in meeting the SIS regulations.
  • What other regulatory lessons we can utilise in developing best practice for investment strategies.
  • What the expectations are in conducting regular reviews of a fund’s investment strategy, including how and when you need to document such reviews.
  • What involvements can and can’t you have in dealing with investment strategies – whether you’re licensed or not to provide advice.

Duration: 60 mins


The ATO statistics on SMSF shows that more than 1 in every 5 members of an SMSF is now 70 years of age or older. With this cohort of members having significant larger balances than the average member balance, it provides some important planning and succession considerations, in particular in the event of incapacity or a member’s death.

In this session, we unpack many of these important issues and explore a number of areas including (but not limited to):

  • Succession and control within a SMSF – who to hand it over to (the role of attorneys), meeting the requirements of section 17A, deed and constitution considerations, whether a guardian may be appropriate and more.
  • Exploring estate planning matters, including who is a SIS dependant to pay death benefits, the options in paying death benefits (incl. any DBNs), procedural aspects for super death benefits being paid from a SMSF, including LPRs as replacement trustee (where relevant).
  • The payment of death benefit super income streams – look at the structuring pensions, such as implications of reversionary vs. non-reversionary pensions, the level of reversionary, alterations to existing income streams, transfer balance cap considerations and more.
  • What impact any decisions around super death benefits have on fund assets
  • What alternatives may need to be considered, including decisions to wind up the SMSF.

This session will include time for a case study to be completed with other attendees at the event.

Duration: 90 mins

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The purchase of the course provides the nominated person with a login to access recordings of the SMSF day event though the Smarter SMSF learning platform. A CPD certificate will be provide only to the person who is registered for the online course.

Yes, but only for 4 or more purchases of the online course.  There are discounts available for Smarter SMSF members, along with additional purchases of the course by attendees of the SMSF day events.  You should contact us at to request a coupon code to apply an agreed discount.

All materials from the SMSF day will be available within the course modules, including slides, workbooks, flowcharts and case studies.  These will be separated into the respective modules to download (in PDF), not as a single file.

Yes, if you purchased and wish to provide for the benefit of a team member, you should get in contact with us about changing the student registration – this will be done manually by Smarter SMSF.  Please note that this will only be completed immediately after the purchase of the course, not at a later point in time.  Smarter SMSF can track access to the course by registered users and will assess any access by the purchaser prior to reallocating the registration.

Yes, CPD points will be awarded towards the SMSF Association (as an Accredited Educator), the major accounting bodies (CPA, CAANZ, IPA), and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).  CPD hours will also be broken down for FASEA & ASIC purposes, along with recognition for SMSF audit hours.

The CPD certificate will be issued automatically after:

  • marking each module as complete; and
  • successfully completing the assessments within each module.

A CPD certificate will display on the main course page once you have successfully completed the course.

You will have up to 3 months to complete the course content.  After 3 months from the purchase date, students are automatically un-enrolled in the course.

If for any reason you are unable to complete within this timeframe, you can contact us on 1300 95 94 76 or email to discuss your circumstances further.

  • Latest intel on smsfs
  • Exploring contribution opportunities
  • Why all the fuss with smsf investment strategies?
  • Dealing with aging smsf clients

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