Smarter SMSF provides training, support and documents built by active SMSF specialists.

Why choose Smarter SMSF documents?

As Accountants ourselves, we understand that you are time poor, and want a smarter way of ordering Australian SMSF documents that are current and regularly updated.

Smarter SMSF is industry connected and nimble, so as changes occur in regulation or legislation we review and adapt our documents accordingly. We are on top of issues as they arise, talking with our members and then generating what they need to pass on the benefits of this knowledge to their clients.

To achieve this level of specialisation takes real world accounting, advice and legal experience, acquired over more than 20 years as practitioners. For example, our Deed not only stays up-to-date with the latest superannuation laws, but also strategically considers topics impacting membership, contributions, income streams, estate planning and more.

Smarter SMSF documents have been built by SMSF specialists, Aaron Dunn (CEO, Smarter SMSF), Ian Glenister (Legal Officer, Smarter SMSF), and Chris Hill (Director, Hill Legal); for use by practitioners who need the confidence that comes with using best practice SMSF documents drafted by industry leading experts. Our comprehensive range of documents and user-friendly platform will guide you in creating your documents to make sure you are always accurate, thorough and compliant.

Why choose a Document package?

The advancements in technology and integrations have been a significant time-saver to help drive solutions for practitioners. That is why all our documents integrate with your BGL or CLASS software.

So, what about your Return on Investment? Here is where we save you money.

Our Subscription packages offer our full range of documents at a flat rate per month or once off for the year. This enables you to stay within your budget by predicting and controlling your spend.

By calculating how many documents you would need within a full year, then purchasing a cost-effective package. For example, as a member of Create25 – you are provided with online access to all our documents, to create up to 25 documents annually for only $150 per month. Where if you had to buy a document on the go (PAYG), it could cost you up to 3 x that amount per month.

Our Create packages give you the flexibility of accessing any pension, compliance or legal documents you may need. Simply determine the number of documents you would use annually, then select the monthly subscription package that works for you.

Why choose our Training?

We are an industry recognised, award-winning technical education provider in Australia. We can assist you with our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning packages to help you excel in your role. Providing increased value to your organisation and your clients. Smarter SMSF CEO, Aaron Dunn, is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and SMSF Specialist Advisor (SSA), who has worked within the SMSF sector for more than 20 years.

Financial service professionals rely on Smarter SMSF for expertise on SMSF’S and the growth of the sector. Our insights into technical issues and the SMSF industry means we are regularly asked to participate in government and regulatory reviews.

Aaron Dunn – CEO and Co-founder

Financial services professionals rely on Aaron for expertise on SMSF and the growth of the sector. Aaron’s insights into technical issues and the SMSF industry means he is regularly asked to participate in government and regulatory reviews, including the Super System Review and the Reinventing the ATO program. Aaron is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and SMSF Specialist Advisor (SSA), having worked within the SMSF sector for more than 20 years. Aaron is a family man who loves his sport, in particular AFL football (Essendon) and athletics, where he was previously a nationally ranked high jumper.

Ian Glenister – Director

Ian practises in self-managed superannuation, complex estate planning, wills, trusts and business law. He provides advice on corporate structures, business risk and succession. Ian is a member of the Commercial and Wills and Estate Planning Divisions of the Law Institute of Victoria, and a SMSF Specialist Advisor with the SMSF Association. He holds a Bachelor of Juris Prudence and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University. Born in Melbourne and raised in Gippsland, a keen golfer and fisherman, and a passionate St Kilda supporter.

Our story

Evolving from The SMSF Academy, founded in 2010 by accountant, Aaron Dunn and lawyer, Ian Glenister (both accredited SMSF specialists) – “Our focus is simple. To bridge the gap in training, documents and tools so you can grow your business through self-managed super funds.”

We provide thousands of practitioners with SMSF, pension, compliance and legal documents on our user-friendly platform. As well as hands on skills and information needed to incorporate best-practice into your SMSF business. We are committed to helping accounting and financial advisers understand SMSF’s and stay ahead of the curve in a highly dynamic field.


As time is everything for accounting and financial planning professionals, staying current and having immediate access to compliant SMSF resources is the only way to implement best-practice outcomes for your clients. It’s a simple strategy that, without the right support, can be complex, risky and time consuming. That is why we developed our online platform to work seamlessly with the cloud-based SMSF software you use.

Involving us in your practice gives you back the time you need to focus on your clients and your own strategy for success.


May 2011

Established Business

February 2013

Launched SMSF101 online course, the first truly online SMSF education solution in partnership with Money 101 and Deakin Prime

August 2014

Future of SMSF Report launched, first piece of industry research focused on how practitioners working within the SMSF industry

February 2016

New document platform created providing practitioner ability to created SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents through a tiered membership

January 2018

Rebranded the SMSF Academy to Smarter SMSF