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A practical and compliant solution for unlicensed accountants

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Practical and compliant SMSF documents for unlicensed accountants

Understand which side of the fence you’re on when it comes to conversations that you are having with your SMSF clients.  Access our suite of unlicensed letters as a member that allows you to ‘execute’ with confidence having provided facts to your SMSF clients where no opinion – express or implied has been provided.

All are best practice, current, and regularly updated, created in conjunction with Licensing for Accountants (L4A) and with legal sign-off by Holley Nethercote lawyers. Create these documents with an inbuilt workflow and seamlessly integrated BGL’s Simple Fund 360 and Class Super, saving you time to focus on what you do best.

Smarter SMSF is industry connected and nimble. As changes occur in regulation or legislation we review and adapt our documents accordingly. So they are always accurate, thorough and compliant.  We are on top of issues as they arise, talking with our members and then generating what they need to pass on the benefits of this knowledge to their clients. To achieve this level of specialisation takes real world accounting, advice and legal experience, acquired over more than 20 years as practitioners.

A practical and compliant solution for unlicensed accountants documenting the common conversations with your SMSF clients.

Our range of Unlicensed letters, built in conjunction with Licensing for Accountants (L4A) and with legal sign-off by Holley Nethercote lawyers, gives you as an unlicensed accountant access to letters covering off a range of SMSF topics, including:

  • Setting up a new SMSF
  • Pension Commencement
  • Annual Pension Amounts (incl. above minimum pension amounts)
  • Lump Sum / Partial Commutation
  • Death Benefit Nominations
  • Investment Strategy
  • Year End Tax Planning (including make contributions)
  • Winding up a SMSF

You can access these letters as a member for a monthly payment, with the ability to purchase from our suite of all SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents as required.

All document orders are supported with the technical knowledge from our in-house team of experts.

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Who prepares the documents?

The documents and letters are a joint collaboration of Smarter SMSF with Licensing for Accountants (L4A).  Kath Bowler, CEO of L4A is a recognised industry leader in the licensing space for accountants and has developed these suite of unlicensed letters with Smarter SMSF.  All templates have also gone through and had legal review and sign-off by Holley Nethercote Lawyers.

Members can utilise these letters in conjunction with the suite of SMSF document packages currently available through Smarter SMSF.

How does the integration with Simple Fund 360 and Class work?


The integrations allow you to automatically complete sections of each step, including fund, member and account details, saving you significant time in the process of providing these services.

What if I don't use Class or Simple Fund 360 - can I still use these templates?

Yes, absolutely.  You can still enter data into the forms to automatically populate the templates throughout each step of a particular process.  You can complete as individual steps or using the workflow tool.

Do these letter protect me if I am not licensed?

Not definitively, because we can’t control the conversation that you may be having with your clients.  It is important to remember that you cannot provided an opinion – either express of implied as you may have overstepped the financial product boundary.  However, where you have provided facts only having regard for the current laws, these documents allow for the execution of services (as listed) in a practical and compliant way.

Further information and ASIC guidance is provided within the References section.

I am licensed, can I use these for execution only services?

You will need to discuss this further with your licensee.  You can also get in contact with L4A on 1300 930 328 to discuss these issues further.


Can I buy a particular step of the unlicensed templates individually?

No, following the process built within the templates and workflow is critical to ensure that providing any execution of services has contemplated issues such as the individual having been given the opportunity to seek advice.


Can I access the 'execution' documents (Step 3) available on Smarter SMSF?

Yes, as a member you can access any of the documents you need.


The following diagram shows the process in providing services as ‘execution only’ as an unlicensed accountant.

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