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Generate documents to establish a fixed unit trust.  This type of trust has income and capital of the trust represented by the units held of each unit holder – i.e. their entitlement is fixed.
The following documents will be generated as part of the completed order:
  • The unit trust deed
  • Consent to Act as Trustee and related minutes
  • Unit application(s)
  • Unit Certificates
  • Unit Holder Register
  • Instructions for next steps, including stamping of trust deed
Important Note: this deed currently cannot be used to submit to the NSW Office of State Revenue to be classified as a fixed unit trust under the Land Tax Management Act 1956 (NSW).
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What is the structure of the fixed unit trust?

The fixed unit trust offers ordinary units (one class) and are created and issued to the unit holders.  All unit holders have the same rights and obligations as ordinary unit holders, and each unit holder is entitled to a proportion of income and capital distributions equal to their proportional holding of all of the total issued units in the trust.

Who can be a unit holder in the unit trust?

A unit holder can include an individual, a legal entity (company), or a trustee that acts in the capacity of another trust (including discretionary trust, unit trust or self-managed super fund).

Can additional units be issued after the trust is established (initial unit holders)?

Yes, units can be issued in the future for a fixed unit trust. They may be further units issued, or conversely they may be sold or redeemed by existing unit holders and purchased by new or other existing holders.  You should refer to the trust deed for details of the process of issuing more units or selling or redeeming units, and how to calculated the price for relevant units.

How are units disposed of in the unit trust?

A unit holder can apply to redeem or dispose of one or more units through the completion of the appropriate form approved by the trustee.  The trustee has absolute discretion whether to accept an application.  A unit holder can transfer units to a third party with the trustee’s consent, providing the units are first offered to other unit holders.  Any transfer must be in the form approved by the trustee, and must be signed by both the transferor and the transferee.  This process will require the trustee to register the transferee in the unit register, cancel the transferor’s unit certificate and issue a new certificate to the transferee.

Unit Trust – Sample Document

Our sample document is currently being updated.