About NorthCorp

Shape Super are Self-Managed Superannuation Specialists with offices in Victoria and Western Australia.

Shape Super is privately owned, independent Australian business. It was founded by a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the public accounting, SMSF and wealth management sectors. It is a ‘business to business’ specialist that delivers a range of SMSF service solutions to Accountants and Financial Advisers, that seamlessly fits into their existing current business processes.

Your challenge?

Finding a provider that meets thespecific needs of our business

Shape Super’s previous SMSF document provider retired and was no longer available in the market.

As with all our service partners we required a new solution that resembled our business model and core beliefs that we operated by and was needed.

This include:

  • Trusted reputation of the founders in this
  • specialist area
  • Reputation of having a quality product list
  • A specialist quality product for overseas pension
  • transfer capability
  • Professional reliable service experience
  • Family owned and unaligned
  • Based locally and on-shore

Why Smarter SMSF?

Trusted, innovative and industryleading that adds significant valueto our business

Shape Super looked at various options and found that most didn’t meet all the parameters they required to beset across all areas.

We like Smarter SMSF because of the extensive product list available. They have quality specialist documents that are exactly what is required for our needs.

They understand the reliability of the product quality and the delivery needed within a practice.

The ordering process is easy to use via the document portal. The team are always friendly, helpful and available when needed, with a quick response and turnaround.

The solution

A cost-effective document subscription with Smarter SMSF

Smarter SMSF provided us with a competitive subscription service that is available at different levels to suit the demand required.

Their customer service and response time is excellent and is able to provide assistance to us in using the services and additionally any queries that arise.

The platform is well designed and is easy to use. The application process to order via the document portal is well supported and well resourced.

Importantly, Smarter SMSF provides our business with a reliable, quality product(s) that enhances ourB2B client relationships providing SMSF administration services.

The results

Smarter SMSF delivers the trusted quality bespoke service as promised with timely support for our business

Having a competitively priced quality product to provide to our professional business relationships ensures that everyone is receiving the best outcomes.

We know that Shape Super’s clients are getting a quality solution, including specialist ROPS related document needs. It allows us to deliver a trusted quality bespoke service as promised and expected with our reputation in the SMSF sector.

The ability to leverage the integration with Class software also allows us to efficiently create documents, saving significant time in the ordering process.

Stephen Blake

About Stephen Blake


Director at Shape Super and Fellow Member of SMSF Association

Stephen has been in public practice and the commercial arena for many years and during that time has constantly developed and expanded his knowledge. Applying this to build trusted relationships and work with colleagues and clients to achieve their goals.

Like my clients, I see the rewards and value to be had when you deal with people on a person able level rather than as a corporate number.


Our reputation is a critical asset of our business. Our clients expect the best outcomes and quality products needed. Inworking with Smarter SMSF, we are able to deliver the trusted quality bespoke service as promised and expected.