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Generate SMSF documents to change the trustee of an existing Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) from individual trustees to a corporate trustee, or vice versa. You can also use this form to change an individual trustee as a result of the death of a fund member.

The following documents will be generated as part of the completed order:
– Deed of Appointment & Retirement of Trustee
– Trustee minutes for the outgoing trustee and appointed trustee.

Why you should use a Smarter Deed

The Smarter SMSF Deed has been built by SMSF specialists, Ian Glenister (Legal Officer, Smarter SMSF), Aaron Dunn (CEO, Smarter SMSF) and Chris Hill (Director, Hill Legal) for use by practitioners who need the confidence that comes with using best practice SMSF documents drafted by industry leading experts.

The Smarter Deed not only stays up-to-date with the latest superannuation laws, but also strategically considers topics impacting membership, contributions, income streams, estate planning and more.


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As a Class user, once you’ve ordered your new SMSF, our integration with enables you push the order data in one click to automatically setup the fund in Class – no need to re-enter client information – that is a smarter way!  Watch out video above to see how this integration works.


One-click setup in CAS360 – saving more time!

Where you have ordered a company to act as trustee of the SMSF, our integration with BGL’s CAS360 enables you push the order data in just one click to automatically setup all the information from name, ACN, directors, shareholders and more – no need to re-enter client information – a lot smarter than your average!  Watch our video above to see how this integration works.

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How to videos

Order a new SMSF

This video explains the process in ordering a new SMSF on the Smarter SMSF platform.


One click fund set up in Class

This video explains the one-click process to automatically set up your fund after ordering within your Class software.


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Document Packages

We recognise that practices come in all different shapes and sizes, and that’s why our Create document packages have been developed as a bundle to suit the size of your SMSF business. Our document packages start at $180 p/m for ANY 25 docs p/a and provide a substantial saving monthly.

To work out how many documents you might need for your business, try our document calculator that can help to determine the package that is right for you.

What changes to trustee are available?

You can create any of the following changes to trustees in a Fund:
  • Remove or retire individual trustees and appoint a corporate trustee (need corporate trustee in existence first)
  • Remove or retire a corporate trustee and appoint individual trustees
  • Remove or retire an individual trustee and replace them with another individual trustee
  • Add an individual trustee (without removing a party as long as the fund continues to meet the definition of a SMSF)
  • Remove or retire an individual trustee (without adding a party as long as the fund continues to meet the definition of a SMSF)

If an individual or entity is removed or added as a trustee of the fund, what additional reporting is required?

Where an individual is added or removed, you will be required to report this information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regarding their position as trustee or director of the corporate trustee, along with their membership status within 28 days of the change.  Failure to comply could result in administrative penalties being applied by the Regulator.
Where a trustee company is appointed or removed, you will also need to report this information (including changes to directors) to the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) within 28 days of the change.  Failure to comply will result in late lodgement penalties for the company.

Change of Trustee – Sample Document

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Other references

ATO – Setting up a SMSF

ASIC’s MoneySmart – Setting up a SMSF