Order best-practice documents seamlessly using our two way integration with BGL

BGL & Smarter SMSF are changing the game

The advancements in technology and integrations have been a significant time-saver to help drive solutions for practitioners, but what if we could bring a seamless document solution right from within your SMSF software, built by Specialist SMSF Document Providers? After user feedback, this is now a reality… watch the demo below, of this game-changing solution for BGL Simple Fund 360 clients through an industry-first embedded SMSF document service.

New SMSF from Simple Fund 360

Watch this sneak peak… a unique and innovative solution combining Simple Fund 360 and Smarter SMSF documents. You will shortly be able to order a new SMSF directly from within your SMSF software, saving you significant time in the process where upon completion, the order will automatically create the fund within Simple Fund 360 (fund name, trustee and member details, deed source and more).

That truly is simple + smart.

This document service will be released with the next Simple Fund 360 update on 12 September 2019.


Seamless Document Integration

  • Simply determine the number of documents you would use annually;
  • Select the monthly subscription bundle that suits the size of your business;
  • Start ordering from our complete list of documents available, using our seamless two-way integration with Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360;
  • Your BGL data automatically populates your order to generate the Smarter SMSF documents;
  • Your document can then be automatically loaded into your BGL software.



$ per doc

Documents per year

Customisation capabilities

SMSF Training


$150 p/m


25 per year

Full customisation

Not included


$250 p/m


50 per year

Full customisation

Not included


$450 p/m


100 per year

Full customisation

Not included


$750 p/m


250 per year

Full customisation

Yes, included


$1,250 p/m


500+ per year

Full customisation

Yes, included

Please note all subscription charges are monthly subscriptions on a minimum 12 month contract and excludes ASIC fee. Full Conditions of Use available on website.

For more information on our existing integration, please click here.