Future of smsf 2018 – online course

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This online course will help you to create a blueprint for a successful modern SMSF practice. Broken down into a series of modules; we will help you to gain key insights into your service delivery, pricing model, impact of technology, how to leverage the utilisation of key partners and resources, and understanding the different types of relationships held with your SMSF clients. Member price for the online course is $199 (incl. GST), and non-members can purchase the course for $347 (incl. GST). Please note, when purchasing this online course, you will receive the Future of SMSF final report for FREE.

Release date: 23 November, 2018


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This course is delivered through a series of modules within the final report and helps you to formulate your SMSF business model for future success.


Module 1 – Key insights into the Future of SMSF

In this module, Aaron discusses the findings from the Future of SMSF survey, broken down by practice size to help you understand what is driving a successful modern SMSF practice today.  You will gain insights into the areas that need to be focused on to drive growth, how to become more efficient and ultimately deliver more client value than the average practice.

Aaron will explain how the SMSF sector continues to evolve, what impact the various industry forces are having and how this changes the landscape for you as a practitioner in delivering value and meeting the ever-increasing demands of advice, compliance and regulations.

Module 2 – Building your SMSF Business Model (Part 1)

In the first part of this module, using insights from the Future of SMSF report, Aaron will help you to build a business model to support the ever-changing landscape around SMSFs.

Through improvement of your value proposition, Aaron will help you to explore and focus on the jobs, pains and gains inherent with SMSF clients and what you could do to outperform or differentiate from your competition in a smarter and more meaningful way.

Module 3 – Building your SMSF Business Model (Part 2)

This module further explores how your value proposition ties back into your SMSF business model.  Aaron focuses on the elements that drive successful practices working in SMSFs, including having a strong understanding of key areas around your SMSF fee and pricing model, improvements to service delivery, utilisation of key partners and resources, along with types of client relationships.

Module 4 – Technology as an enabler for your SMSF business

Here we look at how your practice can embed technology within your business to transform the value you can provide to your SMSF clients.  Using insights from the Future of SMSF report, we will address how to overcome many of the key challenges confronting practices, along with the opportunities through improved efficiencies with automation and other technologies.

Module 5 – Strategies to grow your SMSF business

Business growth remains one of the biggest challenges for practices, with most remaining buoyant about the SMSF sector, but with no clear understanding of how to achieve the desired results.  Aaron will explore the key opportunities for SMSF growth, including looking at areas of client engagement, sources of information, understanding strategies and tactics to drive growth, and more.

Topics and content may be subject to change.  

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