Future of smsf – report 2018

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Future of SMSF survey. Your valuable time taken out of your busy schedules to complete the survey is truly appreciated. We would like to acknowledge the support of our key partners in the Future of SMSF survey, BGL Corporate Solutions, Act2 Solutions and CLASS. The goal of this report is to help professionals to better understand the SMSF sector and the future direction of SMSF business models.

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The Future of SMSF report will help provide the clarity you need to build a successful SMSF business, and highlights that the industry is in a period of significant transition and faces some important decisions ahead. We provide information across ten chapters looking at the way practitioners operate within the SMSF industry today.


Practitioners A look at the large number of respondents, by length of time working within SMSF sector, and by primary role within sector.
SMSF Business Primary service offerings by respondents, how they service SMSF clients, revenue sizes, and smsf activities (generalist vs. specialist).
Challenges Biggest challenges, practice focuses into the future, biggest lessons from super reforms, change today for biggest difference in future.


Different types of businesses dealing with SMSFs, including the number of services, revenue activities, how services are delivered, number of funds, etc.
Business Growth Explore how practices are growing, the opportunities for growth, expansion of services within practices, how clients are being generated, fee acquisition and more.
Technology How practices are embracing cloud technology, efficiency gains, process changes, use of analytics, how automation is being used, etc.
Change Management Changes made within practice, implementation time frames, ongoing strategy, responsibilities within a practice for change, key successes and failures with the change management process.
Pricing & Fee Model Average & median fees charged for SMSF services, fee structure, invoicing and changes as to how clients are billed for services.
Outsourcing / Offshoring Use of offshoring/outsourcing, changes in use, reasons for use, future direction of outsourcing/offshoring.
Training & Development Ongoing training, CPD allocation, how training is obtained.


Please note: If you are purchasing our Future of SMSF online course you will receive the final report for FREE.

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